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an.mé - Visiting Artists Series presents Leah Tinari - Save the Date

an.mé - Visiting Artists Series presents
Join us in-store 
Sunday, April 22nd, 12:00PM - 5:00PM
Watch Leah Tinari use her talent to create custom shoes, tees, leggings, onesies, dresses, bags and more for an.mé /ahn-may/ customers!! 

Set your little ones up with some serious style.

Leah Tinari Art

Avenue Sea Creatures is NYC Artist, Author and Illustrator, Leah Tinari's, latest project.  Her custom hand painted sneakers and luxury handbags display the talent and attention to detail that her collectors and admirers are familiar with.  

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Leah Tinari
Leah Tinari

Since graduating from RISD in 1998 Tinari has documented her life and friends through photos and paintings that capture the energy and exuberance of her surroundings. Her signature use of rich bright color and dynamic composition continues to captivate viewers with its contemporary content and references to the history of figurative painting. Using the world around her and the antics of her friends and family as her primary influences Tinari gives the viewer a glimpse of a life that is full of action and adventure along with moments of contemplation.

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The Magical Fantastical Fridge Small But Mighty
While in store pick up a signed copy of her Children's book THE MAGICAL FANTASTICAL FRIDGEget the SMALL BUT MIGHTY tee, Walden, the main character wears or put in your order for totally custom pairs of sneakers for everyone in the family!